The fully differential single channel volume control

Here is version 1 of the APOX-SHM board. The board you've been dreaming about. (O.K. Maybe not! :) It is almost idetical to the APOX-1, except it only handles 1 channel. (SHM stands for SHunt Mono)
The APOX-SHM Board

The APOX-SHM will have the following features:

Fully differential volume control.
APOX-IR1 option set mode for single ended operation.
on board microcontroller look up table creates 255 levels of volume control between approx -0.8dB to -60dB.
Schematics now available! NOTE: These schematics are subject to change!
Click here to Download the APOX-SHM REV. 1 schematics
Assembly Instructions Click here to Download the assembly instructions in WORD format
Pics Here is the layout of the apox-shm with the ground planes ripped up for clarity.
The assembled kit (NOTE: The resistors are ordered seperately)

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