NOTICE: As of Sept. 19th, 2004 Apox Controls is discontinuing its Apox Audio Product line.
We will continue to support existing customers, but we will stop selling any Audio Related products.
This was a very difficult decision for us too make. And we would like to thank our customers for all of the support we received. We will leave up the web-site for reference only.

The first prototype!
Apox system pic
Click here for large images and the project description!

Welcome to the home of the APOX remote control input select and volume controller boards for you audiophile DIY'ers. We are assembling a great series of kits that should give you hours of fun assembling. and years of listening enjoyment!

The APOX kit was spawned from the needs of people on forums. It basically consists of three different boards.

  • The User Interface Board
  • The Volume Control Board ( we have a few different type available)
  • The Input Selector Board

These boards allow you to build a fully remote control system with awesome control features. With the use of microcontrollers, the APOX system has many additional features that are impossible to implement with a standard potentiometer and selector switches. The User Interface Board allows you to customize the LCD display for your own equipment.

Well we've had alot of progress on the APOX series. Click on the links to your left for more information.

Please read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) before emailing tech support!